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Fire Damage Restoration

Though this might seem something unimaginable, arson has become quite common. If your house has been set on fire and no reason has yet been discovered, the police will start investigations to decide if there is a motive behind the action. However, one thing which you must remember is that most of these cases are reported in abandoned buildings, or when people are out of their house, so harm to life is less likely to happen.

Nonetheless, fire has its consequences no matter how soon firefighters reach at the scene. It is not easy to buy a new house after your old one has been burned, so the most reasonable option is to call a fire damage restoration company to fix it. Remember, fire damage restoration is not as big as the fire incident that you survived. In fact, if you are living in Riverside CA, then Riverside CA Fire Damage Restoration is the company that you can rely on for fire damage repair.

Fire damage Don’ts
Though you will be thinking of many things to do when your house has been burned down and the fire has been extinguished, you should remember that there are somethings which you should completely avoid. Here is a list of important things that you must refrain from doing:

● Do not go inside the house unless you have been given a green signal by fire marshal.
● Do not enter the house without personal safety barriers i.e. gloves, respirator and helmet.
● Do not consume food inside the house or from the fire damaged area even if it is canned good. Exposure to high heat alters the property of preservatives and can make them toxic.
● Do not let children play or run around the house till the structure is said to be secure by fire investigators.
● Do not attempt to clean anything with water. Remember, smoke is acidic in nature and soot is greasy so water cleaning will make the situation even worse.
● Do not touch electronic appliances or anything with wiring and fixtures.
● Do not keep the windows and doors closed. This will block smoke from moving out.
● Do not begin a cleanup immediately. Let the building cool. If your property is insured, call the insurance company to help you with fire damage restoration.

Riverside CA fire damage restoration services
Riverside Fire Damage Restoration is a one-time solution to all your fire damage issues. Whether it is an old damage or a recent one, we have the right services to suit your need. Our services include:

● 24/7 emergency services
● Free consultation
● 30-minute response time
● Water damage restoration
● Smoke remediation
● Odor elimination
● Temporary storage facility
● Refurbishing services
● 100 percent insurance billing

We use latest technology to aid us with fire damage. Our technicians are trained by pioneer people in the field from IICRC. So you can count on us to get the job done effectively. We understand the complexity of damage done by fire so to make the cleanup systematic, we process work in three phases

1. Pre clean up: Removal of fire damaged objects and sending salvageable items for repair
2. Clean up: Removing black soot stains and other contaminants from the structures of the house
3. Post clean up: Deodorization and sanitation

To know more about how we do it, or more information on specific fire damage clean up, call us now at 951-289-5571. Fire damage consultation is free.


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