We guarantee you a successful restoration by following certain steps we have perfected in our 10 years of activity in the field:

Step 1: Water has the capacity of seeking low points and cracks in the floors and uses them to spread and reach other areas, thus causing even more damages and loss. By allowing us to step in at this stage, you make sure the source of the problem is identified, the area is isolated and the total cost of restoration is reduced due to the minimizing of the future tear.

Step 2: As time passes, water tends to infiltrate even more into porous surfaces like your drywalls, your floors and your carpets and only a complete cold water extraction can fix this kind of problem. Bu performing such a procedure in the first few hours from the disaster, the total loss will decrease significantly and the need of replacing broken assets will be lowered.

Step 3: As water stays in your home or office, humidity is formed and this can affect even areas that were not initially touched by the flood. We can search for high content of moisture and identify it through condensation on the walls. Besides material harm, moisture can be a great source of mold formation and microbes if dehumidifiers are not installed to absorb it completely.

Step 4: We advise taking action within the first few hours from the incident to avoid microbial growth. Due to prolonged exposure of your property to humidity and moisture, certain factors need to be controlled in order to eliminate a potential hazard: We strive to keep humidity to a low with professional dehumidifiers, we keep air circulation high to avoid mildew odors post-restoration and we keep temperatures high to accelerate the evaporation process.

By calling us the moment you spot your disaster you can save your property, your belongings, and the most important, your health. Dial 951-289-5571 and trust us for a complete and fast restoration!