Cold Water Extraction

Water damage can be a real bummer..

When more than a puddle above the ankle becomes a full fledged flood consider your options and contact Riverside Water Damage immediately for cold water extraction services. Don’t waste precious time or money dealing with uncertified technicians. We will provide you with certified technicians day or night 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our professionals will isolate the affected areas and prevent any secondary damages from happening while working hard on extracting all water before it infiltrates even deeper.

Cold water extraction is the best way to remove standing water

Once standing water is extracted and all areas are free of contaminated water we utilize an infra-red camera to locate hidden moisture pockets beneath floorboards and behind drywall. We are determined to perform a detailed inspection of your entire property, paying great attention to your floors, walls, drywalls, furniture and other porous surfaces where hidden pockets of water might exist.

Hidden water is dangerous to your home’s structure in the future. Cold water extraction is the number one way to remove all standing water, safely. Our effective infra-red camera detects and marks specific places where water still exists. Do not ignore the signs of water damage! Contact Riverside Water Damage today for full cold water extraction procedures.

Make the right choice, go with Riverside Water Damage

This first step is crucial for the entire restoration process, as the success of cold water extraction will determine the success of the entire restoration. Leftover water pockets can adversely effect your home’s structure in the future.

No matter the cause of water damage, whether its your home or commercial property contact Riverside Water Damage today for a full restoration and direct insurance billing